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Property development finance with Regentsmead


All of our customers receive a personal service, which can be adapted to their individual needs. We are undoubtedly the fastest lender in the country, having completed loan facilities within 5 working days before. If there are any commercial or planning changes, our funding can be adjusted to take this into account.


  1. New project discussed; indicative terms sent with full costings illustrated
  2. Application form completed and returned; level of funding agreed
  3. Meeting with the Regentsmead team
  4. Offer letter signed; solicitors instructed immediately
  5. Surveyor meets borrower on site a few days after the sign-up meeting
  6. Funds released once legal process is complete

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The Regentsmead

  • Our ideas and knowledge, based on years of experience in property development and finance, are available to you
  • Funds are made available as fast as you need them
  • Our processes are all minimal and as efficient as possible
  • We adapt our funding if your requirements change
  • A partnership with Regentsmead will lead to a long-term relationship, where your business can get property finance for successive projects

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