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Rosetrees Trust

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Regentsmead has been supporting Rosetrees Trust since its inception in 1987. It was set up by Nat and Teresa Rosenbaum, who founded Regentsmead over 80 years ago. They decided they wanted to give back to society, having started with nothing themselves. They agreed that prevention of illnesses was far more effective than paying for treatment and care. Medical research is a passion which their son, Richard Ross has pursued from their original plan.

Regentsmead makes an annual donation and allows Rosetrees to work out of its offices and covers other overheads.

Rosetrees Trust: Supporting the best in medical research

Rosetrees’ vision is to make a difference today and every day, through medical research.

There are few charities that are relevant to everyone. Rosetrees is one. Disease touches every single one of us. The UK is also world class at medical research, but lacks funding – especially early stage funding. Rosetrees aims to change that.

Rosetrees Trust has been funding world class medical research for 25 years, to improve quality of life and save lives, and is currently supporting over 250 projects across all major illnesses, ranging from neurodegenerative disorders and cancer to tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.

Making a difference

Rosetrees has helped to achieve some incredible developments in medical research, supporting researchers such as Professor Anthony Hollander at Bristol University, who built a tissue-engineered trache using stem cells taken from the patient, Dr Rachel Batterham at UCL, who is researching how to prevent obesity and Professor Simon Lovestone at University of Oxford, who has completed the first stage in developing a blood test to predict Alzheimer’s disease.

Support medical research alongside Rosetrees

If you, your family or friends have an illness why don’t you support world class medical research alongside Rosetrees. Together we can help to save lives and make lives better.

For more information please call Sam Howard on 0208 952 1414

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